Psilocybin mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms, are the psychedelic mushrooms people ingest when they are looking for a trip, or an altered state of mind where they find enlightenment.

What Are Magic Mushroom Kits?

Magic mushroom grow kits are kits that come with everything a person needs to get set up with growing psilocybin mushrooms and learning about them. These kits already have cubensis spores and mycelium inside, all they need is someone to provide them with water, some light, and the right climate.

How Do Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Work?

If you’ve never seen or heard of magic mushroom grow kits, then you may be curious about how they work. Before getting a grow kit of your very own, you will want to double check on some things and make sure you are good to go before you can begin your own mushroom grow.

Before you can begin, you’ll need:

  • A spore syringe
  • Some empty jars, with lids
  • An idea of where you’d like to store your kit
  • An idea of what strain you’d like to grow

Knowing what type of strain you want to grow is going to be one of the most important (and most educating) parts about growing magic mushrooms. There several strains to choose from, each with different psychedelic effects than the others. You can choose from B+ Cubensis, Golden Teacher, Golden Emperor, and many more when deciding what type of magic mushrooms to grow.

Growing Your Own

Once you have your equipment gathered up, along with an idea of what strain you’d like to try to grow, you’re ready to begin growing your own. Follow some of these tips to help you begin growing your own magic mushrooms.

  • Prepare your jars: Make sure you punch some holes in the lids of your jars, and thoroughly disinfect them with alcohol.
  • Get your substrate ready: Mix up some vermiculite and water to make substrate.
  • Fill the jars up: Place some substrate in each jar, making sure to sterilize the top with rubbing alcohol.
  • Sterilize and sanitize: Next, make sure the area is sterilized and wiped down before you get ready to inject your spores. Light up your needle with a lighter beforehand, and (if possible) don a mask and some rubber gloves to keep everything sterile during spore injection.
  • Inject spores: Inject your spores into the part of the jar where you punched holes in the first step. You’ll want to sterilize your needle before beginning new sections.

Before too long (usually around 2 weeks) your spores will begin to colonize, and then they’ll be ready to be moved into grow chambers. Keep a close eye on your little growers over the next few weeks, and be ready to move them into bigger accommodations when the time comes.